Solid Oak Dining Benches With Backs

Solid oak dining benches with backs now available at Top Furniture Ltd

Our first batch of solid oak dining benches with backs have now been delivered to our central warehouse in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. These great benches have been produced by our manufacturer in Lithuania and provide fantastic alternative seating to standard dining chairs. These solid oak benches are made from European light-medium oak and are finished in a clear oiled finish to help promote the beauty of the grain.

oak bench and back
Solid oak dining bench with back

Available in both 120cm and 150cm sizes such benches are likely to be very popular, not only are they more affordable than traditional dining chairs they are also very contemporary and hard-wearing – perfect for everyday use and family gatherings. These benches are a great match for many of our tables such as the Tallinn, Provence and Minsk ranges.

Baltic bench and tallinn
Pair of oak backed benches pictured with Tallinn table
baltic backed benches with Provence
Oak backed benches pictured alongside Provence cross legged table.

These solid oak benches with backs are currently on display at both our Uttoxeter and Dartford showrooms.

We have many new products on the horizon so watch this space for information and images as and when we get them.