New range of solid French oak tables now available at Top Furniture

Our newest range of dining tables is now available to view and purchase from our Uttoxeter showroom and are the latest addition to our ever-growing list of products.

These tables have been sourced from a company called “Hellin” which was established in 1862 and has recently re-located much of its production to a factory in Romania employing over 80 people. The following link gives an insight into the factory and its works : http://youtube/YayPo0wIPTY.

We have chosen this factory based on its great reputation and responsible attitude towards manufacturing from sustainable forests as it uses only French oak from PEFC certified sources.

The range

At Top Furniture we offer 3 different designs of these French oak tables, Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille. The difference between the 3 tables is simply the leg design (see fig 1).

solid oak french tables

The table-tops are exactly the same specifications on all three. Comprising of 80mm chunky table top frames at a width of 90cm these tables are by far the chunkiest we offer and are completely solid oak throughout. They are finished with a clear oil in order to allow the natural beauty and characteristics of light European oak to show through.


Dimensions – 220cm (length) x 90cm (width) x 76cm (height)

French oak table


Dimensions – 220cm (length) x 90cm (width) x 76cm (height)

Paris solid oak table


Dimensions – 220cm (length) x 90cm (width) x 76cm (height)

180cm (length) x 90cm (width) x 76cm (height)

Marseille oak table


All of these tables can be used either as standard fixed tables or end extending that can be extended at one or both ends. The extensions are 50cm each in length and work by simply pushing the extension arms through holes on the side skirt in the table end. These extensions are great for occasional use when you need to accommodate visitors or can be left in place all the time to give more space for larger families and gatherings.

As an example the Bordeaux 220cm table can be extended at one end to give a total length of 270cm (see fig 1) or both ends to take it to its maximum size of 320cm (see fig 2).

(fig 1)

Extending French oak table

(fig 2)

Bordeaux extending oak table


Welcome to the Country Oak furniture range

Welcome to the Country Oak furniture range!

An overview

Our Country Oak dining furniture is now by far our best selling range and represents around 50% of our overall product. The range comprises dining tables, chairs, benches, sideboards, display units, bar stools and bookcases and is made from a composition of American oak with real oak veneers allowing us to produce high quality furniture which won’t suffer from excessive movement which can often lead to unsightly expansion gaps as humidity and temperature changes.

The overall appearance is of a rustic nature allowing the natural characteristics of oak to show through and as such small knots, grain variance and medullary rays are evident throughout. Here at Top Furniture we stock over 30 Country oak tables from a small square 80cm x 80cm to one of our largest 14 seater tables extending up to 340cm in length and a spacious 120cm width. The image below shows this table with the matching Country oak slatted back leather padded chairs

large oak dining table and chair set

Background and Sourcing of Country oak hardwood

As in the description above our Country oak range is manufactured from American hardwood and at Top Furniture we care greatly about the future of the environment which is why we ensure this furniture is sourced only from sustainable forests.

Standing hardwood’s in America have actually doubled over the last 50 years despite record levels of exporting. This has been achieved by what is known as selection harvesting – a managed process where a selected batch of trees are harvested which in turn improves the health of the overall forest and controls the types of tree growing at a particular site. This along with excellent growing conditions and very fertile soils means that in the main forests are naturally re-generated from seed and shoots as a result of sensible tree felling.

A high percentage of the forest land in the U.S is privately owned dating back hundreds of years with the minority state owned forests subject to strict legislations and managed by Government forestry services.

Despite the above certification of timber is still very hit and miss in the U.S due to the large amount of privately owned forests making it almost impossible to track wood from tree to end user.

Highlights and features of the range

Our range of Country oak is made exclusively for Top Furniture which means we can choose the designs and act directly on feedback from our customers. One of the most attractive attributes is the cross leg design on many of the tables, these cross legs are not only attractive but allow a greater seating capacity as chairs can be utilised around the entire table without an obstructive leg. These cross legs are unlike the majority of other cross leg tables available as they are of a curved appearance which adds to the beauty of the piece and give a softer overall look.

4 seater oak dining set

The matching cross leg benches shown below look fantastic with these cross leg tables and have been produced to sit snugly either side of the table legs when not in use – perfect for kids or accommodating visitors on those special occasions.

cross leg oak table and bench

We have recently added display units and bookcases to our range, both of which have proven very popular since their launch. These items provide the perfect compliment to any new or existing dining set and give attractive, practical storage solutions to any home. The image below shows a section of our Staffordshire showroom displaying a selection of these items.

 Top Furniture Uttoxeter showroom

Finally check out one of our latest bar stools called “The Wave”. This stool is a great match for the Country oak range of furniture and will provide extra seating as well as a contemporary feel to any kitchen or dining room, it is both attractive and comfortable without overstretching the budget.

Solid oak wave bar stool

Caring for your furniture

Obviously when you purchase this range of furniture it’s important you know how to look after it. Country oak is manufactured with a hard waxed finish which will help to bring out the natural characteristics of the wood as well as provide partial protection against spillages and damages. It is always recommended that mats are used for hot items and any spillages are cleaned up immediately with a dry lint free cloth before the liquid has time to penetrate the oak.

Further coats of wax should be applied every 3 to 6 months dependant on the environment – obviously very warm dry environments will need re-coating more often. The best product to use is either a hard clear Bri-wax which can be applied as you would a car polish and then buffed accordingly. Although a beautiful shiny finish can be achieved using hard wax it can also be very time consuming and if not carried out correctly can result in a very patchy finish. An alternative to this is a product called “Woodoc” which is basically a liquid wax simply squirted on to the surface and applied again using a dry lint free cloth. This product is far easier to use and takes a fraction of the time although will not provide such a shiny finish.

Finally if you want your product to be completely spill and heat proof then we would highly recommend a product called “Osmo clear polyx oil matt finish”. This is available on-line and can be brushed onto the item, 2 – 3 coats should be used which should completely seal the top so as to provide a barrier against even the worst spillage product such as coca-cola and red wine.

Coming soon

As part of our ongoing range development we are set to introduce further items to this ever-growing range over the next couple of months. Be sure to keep an eye open for the new 1.8m square and round chunky leg Country oak tables as well as the grand 12 – 14 seater premium solid oak Chateaux (pictured below) and Monastry double extending tables with 65mm chunky edged tops.

Chateaux solid oak cross leg table


Choosing the correct dining table

With such a huge choice of dining tables now on the market it’s difficult to know where to start when deciding which one best meets the needs of you and your family.

One of the primary considerations needs to be how many people you wish to seat, not only on a day to day basis but in order to accommodate friends and family on special occasions. Remember that the table needs to sit comfortably with your chosen decor and must be large enough for your needs without completely taking over the room. Allow enough space for the chairs and benches to be pulled out along both sides and ensure there is also ample space to walk around the table when it is in use.

Another consideration needs to be whether you want the table to extend to provide the flexibility of accommodating extra people yet be in a position to keep the table at a smaller more manageable size when not being utilised. Decide on the type of legs you prefer, many people prefer the more traditional standard leg table as shown in fig 1.0 whereas others opt for the cross leg design (shown in fig 2.0) which in the correct environment can provide a real “wow” factor while at the same time give extra seating space as the legs are inset further into the table meaning no-one has an obtrusive leg to contend with when dining.

Tallinn dining table provence cross leg table

Fig1.0                                                                                           Fig2.0

At Top furniture we stock over 100 different tables from a small 80cmx60cm which will seat 2 people up to a 420cmx120cm which can accommodate up to 16. The majority of tables we offer can be put into 4 categories, fixed, end extending, central extending and butterfly extending. The sections below highlight some of the features of each of these tables along with some things to bear in mind when selecting the one that best suits your requirements:


These tables are very simple and are of one size that cannot be extended or shortened. Fixed tables tend to be one of the cheaper options as there is far less work involved in the manufacturing process and less hardware required. At Top Furniture we offer fixed tables in square and oval end in both a standard and cross leg design. On the downside there is little flexibility with fixed tables although these are still available in several sizes ranging from a 2 seater to a 10 seater. If you do have occasions where you need to seat extra people then consider the option of bench seating as you can generally accommodate more people on benches than chairs and they are a particular favourite among young families see fig 3.0.

oak table and bench set

Fig 3.0 Minsk table and bench set

End extending

These are a great option for those people only wanting to extend their table occasionally. End extending tables consist of a fixed table with the option of extending from either or both ends with arms that push through holes in the side-skirt of the table and sit flush with the main section of the table-top. As an example our Provence 1.5m table can be purchased as a single fixed table or alternatively with 1 or 2 end extensions both 50cm in length meaning the table can be used at 1.5m, 2.0m or its maximum 2.5m with both extensions in place.

provence cross leg table Provence extending oak table

Provence extending dining table

End extending tables are available in both cross and standard leaf designs although for obvious reasons are only available in square ended tables.

A final consideration is that when not in use these extension pieces cannot be held anywhere within the table and as such need to be stored remotely which could obviously cause problems is space is of a premium.

Central extending

These tables have recently become very popular as they provide you with the flexibility of 3 possible table sizes and the ability to store the extensions within the table when not being used (with the exception of the Baltic premium table where the extensions need to be stored elsewhere). These tables simply pull apart from the centre and allow the extensions to slot into place.

Lichfield extending table

2 extensions are provided (generally 40cm each in length) which allow you to use one or both as required meaning a table with a basic starting length of 160cm can be extended to a maximum of 240cm which will easily allow an extra 2 people to dine comfortably. The added bonus here is that when not in use the extensions are stored on a tray on the underside of the table which means you don’t need to find storage space elsewhere in your home. These tables are currently only available in our Lichfield standard leg range although there are plans for new designs in the future.

Lichfield oak dining table Lichfield double extending oak table

Butterfly extending

By far our most popular tables butterfly extending tables again work by pulling open the table and extending via a single or double butterfly which neatly folds out from the underside of the table-top and clips nicely into place.

Butterfly table extension Double butterfly extending table

At Top Furniture we carry a very large range of butterfly extending tables from a small single extending 120cm to 170cm with 40cm butterfly to the huge double extending Country oak table which extends from 240cm to 290cm and finally 340cm giving 3 possible table sizes in 1 and easily seating 14 people (fig4.0)

Country Oak 3.4m table and Titan leather chair set

fig4.0 – Double butterfly extending Country oak 3.4m table and 14 Titan chairs

We currently stock around 30 different butterfly extending tables, some with single extensions and others with double extensions again available in both standard leg and cross leg with the option in the majority of cases of an oval or square end.

Oval ended oak dining table Dining table with square ends

Clearly these tables provide great versatility and allow you to change your table size to suit every occasion although they can be very heavy so it’s important to get help when trying to manoeuvre.

Written by Dave Edwards

New range of table and bench dining sets recently launched

If you are one of the many families across the UK about to start looking for a replacement table and chair set for your dining room or kitchen in time for Christmas then you will no doubt soon find out what a huge choice there is out there either online or in traditional furniture shops.  Most people will have a search online and see what takes their fancy depending on the wood colour and size that they are looking for.  The majority of people will end up buying a table with a set of chairs without even thinking of some great alternatives involving benches instead of chairs.


Here at Top Furniture we have been selling wooden benches made out of oak for several years now and its clear that there is a good demand for quality designs that are priced sensibly.  Over the past few months we started to refresh some of the photographs of our dining furniture and took the decision to take some shots of some oak tables combined with a pair of benches sat across both sides of the table.   The first few designs are now live on our website for all to see at and so far the customer response from just this initial limited choice has been very positive.

One of the huge selling points that makes these dining sets so appealing is that they are usually far cheaper than a table and chair set combination because a bench can often seat 3 or 4 people across it and the cost of each bench is often around half of the cost of buying 4 wooden chairs of comparable quality.

These bench sets are also very practical as they can easily be wiped down and are very strong and sturdy with very minimal maintenance being required.

The lower height of indoor benches also means that you can see a lot more of the dining table without having tall chairs blocking what is often a great looking dining room or kitchen table.  Some of these new bench sets that we have launched look great with so much of the real solid wood being on display.

Do you have children?  Kids love wooden benches as they are usually lower and easier for them to get onto and most families will know how hard it is to get a child to sit still in a chair at the dining room table for any length of time!  If you get a set of benches with your table you will usually find they are more than happy to be sat down at meal times.

So if your considering an upgrade for a tired out set of tables and chairs then it might be worth considering some of the bench options as you might be pleasantly surprised at how much sense they make for serious consideration.

Written by Dave Edwards