What makes a good oak table and chair dining set

A big ticket items such as a set of oak tables and chairs for your dining room is an item that you are unlikely to purchase more than once every 10 years or so.  These expensive items are important pieces of furniture within your home which is why it is so important to find the right dining set that ticks as many boxes as possible.

dining set

How big is your dining room or kitchen to accommodate the tables and chairs?

How many people do you wish to seat at the table?

Will you have to seat additional extra guests on the occasional big occasion such as Christmas or Easter or Birthdays?

Do you need the table to extend or fold down to a smaller size when not in use?

What is your budget for the table set?

How many chairs to you want to seat around the table?

Deciding on the right table size to start with is key as that will instantly impact your options to how much choice you have in finding your dream table.  Most families that have the space will settle for a 6 or 8 seater table as that gives them some additional seating space should they need it for the average family of 4 people.  If space is no problem at all then you might go for a fixed table that doesn’t extend but many families like the option of folding down a table to smaller size when not in use so that it doesn’t take up so much space in a room.  This may make it easier to get access to other cabinets and units in the room and for cleaning and hoovering around the table.

Now that you have finalised the size that you want then it makes sense to get a good idea of the wood type, colour and finish that you prefer.  Many modern homes choose a lighter wood such as oak, beech or pine but some older properties may have lots of darker furniture to match up with so darker stained woods might need to be considered unless you are looking to replace any existing pieces of furniture in the area around the dining table.

If you are looking at the lighter wood option then oak and pine are very popular.  Oak is more expensive than pine but it is also a harder wood than pine which means it doesn’t mark or scratch as easily.  For the finish of the table the common choices are for a lacquered, waxed, oiled or painted finish.  Some lacquered tables have more of a shine to them which is down to personal choice if you like it or not.  If you want a more natural look to your oak or pine table then you cant beat a waxed or oiled finish which should complement the natural wood.

So you have now decided on the size, price range, wood type and finish of the table and if you would like an extendable design.  That’s a pretty good description to start with.  Most tables come with the popular traditional leg design but some more recent designs might offer different shapes of legs that are in a cross leg design or refectory style.  This will obviously narrow down the choice of tables and chairs that you will be able to choose from so it might be worth keeping an open mind on the leg shape and design until you have narrowed down the list of tables to a short list.

If you are lucky enough to have a large furniture store nearby to your home then the final process of finding the right dining set might be fairly simple if you feedback your requirements to the salesman.  Unfortunately the number of large furniture shop that stock a huge range of table designs is limited in the UK so many people end up tapping their requirements into a search engine and browsing through lots of furniture websites until they spot the right design for them.  Many modern websites allow you to filter the products by many of the variables discussed above so it possible to go through the process fairly quickly.

Hopefully this has been of some value to you in the search for your ideal table and chair set.