Free pre christmas furniture delivery at Top Furniture

Free pre christmas furniture delivery at Top Furniture

At Top Furniture we operate our own delivery service for 90% of the orders we receive. This means we have control over the delivery team and the vehicles so can ensure that our customers always receive the top quality service they deserve.

Operating from either Mercedes Luton vans or Extra long wheel base vans our deliveries will always be made by a 2 man team who will put your order in a room of your choice on a day that suits.

Assuming you live in a standard U.K mainland area and your selected items are in stock we are currently running free deliveries and guaranteeing this pre-christmas. Have a browse through the Top Furniture website – your dream dining set could still be yours in time for Christmas.


Provence christmas set


Why choose oak dining furniture?

Why choose oak dining room furniture?

Oak furniture and its characteristics

Oak is one of the most popular hardwoods around and has been so for many years. Its very tough and durable nature makes it the perfect choice for a new dining set, not only is it of a very robust nature that will stand the test of time but also comes in many various shades from all over the world – each with its own specific characteristics.

At Top Furniture we deal in American, Asian and European oak which is sourced from sustainably managed forests around the globe. The individual and distinctive graining of oak is one of its main attractions as each piece is different and therefore completely unique. Solid oak will generally have knots, medullary rays and grain variance throughout which shouldn’t be seen as a deficiency in the product but instead add to the individuality and feel of the piece.

Medullary rays example

oak knotting example
Oak knots – a typical characteristic

Expansion of oak

Over time oak will naturally move. Sometimes this is due to a small moisture content left in the furniture and sometimes due to changes in humidity/temperature – more often than not a combination of both. Again this is perfectly normal and is only to be expected, particularly if the furniture is situated near radiators or other sources of heat. Many oak dining tables (particularly large ones) are designed with many small solid panels each surrounded by small expansion gaps to allow for such movement.

At Top furniture we offer our oak range of furniture in either a waxed or oiled finish, it is always advisable to use heat proof mats if placing hot plates etc on the furniture and a table protector is also recommended if spillages are likely.

Below are a few tips to help maintain your furniture:

Waxed oak furniture

Although your furniture will arrive ready to use and pre-waxed it is advisable to look at re-waxing every 3-6 months dependent on room conditions. You have the option of either a hard wax such as Bri-wax which needs to be worked into the surface evenly using a lint free cloth or alternatively (and far less time consuming) a liquid wax such as Woodoc. Either of these products will help nourish the oak and bring out the natural beauty in the grain as well as provide extra protection – don’t be tempted to overdo the re-waxing, 2 or 3 fine coats will be far more successful.

Any spillages should be cleaned up and dried immediately as failure to do so will result in the liquid penetrating the wood and causing staining which may prove very difficult to remove.

Bri-wax example
Bri-Wax – ideal for waxed furniture.


Woodoc furniture care
Liquid furniture wax


Oiled oak furniture

Sometimes if your oiled furniture has been in storage or transit for a considerable amount of time it may be necessary to apply a coat of oil upon receipt so as to bring out the natural beauty of the grain. It is recommended that you build up layers over time as this will be more successful than a particularly heavy coat of oil which may well dry patchy and considerably darken the appearance. Generally most vegetable based oils can be used examples of which are linseed oil and Becker Acroma oil which can be purchased locally from most DIY stores.

Apply the oil sparingly in the direction of the grain using a sponge and wipe away any excess with kitchen roll before allowing to dry for approx 24 hrs.

Any spillages should be cleaned up and dried immediately as failure to do so will result in the liquid penetrating the wood and causing staining which may prove very difficult to remove.