A guide to Top Furniture oak carver chairs

A guide to Top Furniture oak carver chairs

Over the last 12 months there has been a massive up-turn in the sales of our oak carver chairs. Some people just like the look of them and think they really add the finishing touches to their existing or new dining set whereas others like the extra comfort of arm supports and a more spacious seating base.

Whatever the reason here at Top furniture we now offer a comprehensive range of such chairs which are detailed below along with a little more information on each range:

Firstly the Winchester range – these are available in seven different pad colours to match the standard Winchester dining chairs. Made from Solid European oak these chairs have a contoured slatted back which has been designed and manufactured specifically to match the shape of a typical human back providing not only a great looking chair but fantastic lumber support at the same time.


Winchester Carvers
Winchester carver chair available in 7 pad colours
winchester carver dark brown
Winchester Carver chair with dark brown leather pad


The Provence carver chairs are available in a choice of either beige linen or black leather pad in a contemporary cross back design which provides a match for the majority of cross leg tables such as the one shown below. Again these chairs are made from European oak and provide a really robust and sturdy chair that should last for years.


Provence set with carver
Provence dining set with matching carver chair on table end.
Provence carver with black pad
Provence Carver chair with Black leather pad

Finally the Country oak carver chairs which are a lot more rustic,  ideal for the more traditional environment and available in cross back, ladder back and slatted back designs as shown below. These chairs are very heavy and Bulky and have been designed specifically to match the Top Furniture Country oak range of tables.

Country oak carver chairs
Country oak ladder, slatted and cross back design carver chairs
cross back carver with country oak table
Cross back carver with matching Country oak table



Buying very large extending dining tables

Buying very large extending tables

One of our niche products here at Top Furniture is our range of very large oak dining tables. There are clearly many different sizes of table available these days although shopping for something over and above the average 6-8 seater table gets a little more difficult.

In a nutshell most companies throughout the U.K choose not to offer anything too large as it can cause numerous problems with things like storage space, transport and import costs for such big products – not to mention logistical problems with deliveries to customers homes.

We have recently increased our range of such large tables and now offer extendable tables that sit 420cm in length 120cm in width and will accommodate 14-16 people.

Below will hopefully provide a snapshot of some of the different designs and ranges we now offer along with some helpful pros and cons of each.

Country Oak

The larger tables in this range are in general double extending tables which extend from the center of the table in a butterfly fashion using 2 x 50cm extensions. These extensions can be folded in and out as required and are stored within the table when not in use. This allows the flexibility of 3 table sizes in 1 great table.

Country oak large double extending table
double butterfly extension – part of the Country oak table range.

Firstly the 10 seater table which extends from 180cm to 230cm and finally to 280cm (at a width of 100cm) and is available in both square and oval end. This table is very popular due to its flexibility and cross leg design which really allows you to maximise your available space:

280cm Country oak oval end table with cross back chairs
280cm extended table in Country oak – a comfortable 10 seater

The next size up and indeed largest table in this range works on exactly the same principle as the table shown above only comes with the extra width of 120cm and extends from 240cm – 290cm -340cm at its maximum extended length. Again this table is available in both square and oval end and will seat 14 people in relevant comfort:

huge double extending table - country oak
340cm double extending table pictured with 12 chairs


Unlike the above Country oak tables refectory tables can be purchased as stand-alone large fixed tables which can then if required be extended using end extensions that simply slot through holes in the table skirt. There are 2 very large refectory tables which are both manufactured in a large 120cm width. Firstly the 240cm table which can then be extended from one or both sides using 50cm extensions to produce a maximum length of 340cm. The downside to this type of table is there is nowhere within the table to store extensions when not in use and as such these need to be stored elsewhere within the home:


Refectory 240cm with extensions
Refectory 240cm fixed table with 2 end extensions in place.

Our 280cm refectory table works exactly as it’s 240cm equivalent shown above only is extended using 70cm end extensions providing a possible extended length of 350cm with single end extension and then 420cm with both extensions in place. This is our largest table and will accommodate 14-16 people in comfort:

refectory 280cm and extensions
Our largest table – refectory 280cm with 2 x 70cm end extensions pictured with Country oak cross back chairs.


Our European oak Tallinn tables are available in 7 sizes with the largest 3 accommodating 10, 12 and 14 people respectively. Tallinn tables work in the same manner as Country oak tables only this time using a single butterfly extension:


Tallinn butterfly 40cm extension
Butterfly extension on Tallinn tables

All Tallinn tables are 100cm in width and so the largest tend to be very long and thin on first impression. The massive 14 seater Tallinn table for example extends from 280cm using a 100cm central butterfly extension to 380cm as shown in the image below. These tables look fantastic and are absolutely perfect for very long narrow rooms.


3.8m Tallinn table with Titan chairs
2.8-3.8m Tallinn table pictured with Titan premium leather chairs

These tables are only available with standard legs and square ends.


Similar to the above Tallinn tables the Provence range is made from European oak only with cross legs and the option of square or oval table-top ends. Again the larger of these tables are 100cm wide but are manufactured with 2 butterfly extensions allowing 3 possible sizes. The largest available is the 340cm fully extended version (240cm-290cm-340cm) with a slightly smaller one available extending from 180cm-230cm-280cm.

These tables have a very contemporary feel to them and provide great flexibility:

Provence 3.4m square end cross leg table
340cm square end Provence table designed to accomodate 14 people.


Our latest designs

Finallly but by no means least check out our latest large solid oak extending tables manufactured and imported specifically for Top Furniture. The elegant “Chateaux” and “Monastry” use 2 extensions that can be completely removed and stored on a tray on the underside of the table. Visually stunning these tables are very chunky and are sure to create a real WOW factor in any room.

The smaller of the 2 tables (Monastry) extends from 200cm to 250cm to a maximum of 300cm and sits at a width of 100cm:


Monastry - no extensions
The new Monastry table un-extended
Monastry table extended
The new Monastry table with both extensions in place.

The larger Chateaux table extends from 240cm-290cm-340cm at a width of 120cm

Chateaux unextended
The Chateaux table without extensions sitting at 240cm length


Chateaux table fully extended
The Chateaux table fully extended at 340cm in length


Oak Dining Benches – choosing the right indoor oak bench

Oak dining benches – choosing the right indoor bench

Oak benches have recently become very popular, not only do they provide a far cheaper alternative than standard chairs they are also very practical for use in other areas of the home and are great for squeezing extra people on when space is of the essence.

There can be quite a large price variation between bench ranges but like most things in life you tend to get what you pay for. At Top furniture for example we offer our budget Cambridge range whereby an average sized 120 cm long bench would cost in the region of £120 whereas our Baltic premium corner leg bench of the same size around £50 more. Although on first impression they seem to be very similar there are several differences which should be taken into account:

Cambridge budget bench

Baltic premium bench

Oak veneering over chipboard/MDF composition Solid European oak throughout
Width of top – 35cm Width of top – 40cm
Top thickness – 15mm Top thickness – 30mm

Cambridge corner leg bench

Oak dining bench

Premium oak dining bench

Baltic corner leg bench

Obviously for some potential buyers the budget range may suit their requirements, if the benches are going to be used regularly by children or are likely to get marked and knocked then it’s probably not worth spending the extra. However if the bench is to match an existing or expensive new table you want to last for years it’s probably worth the extra investment.

Dining benches come in a range of sizes – the smallest we offer at Top Furniture is 75 cm in length with the maximum being 200 cm. The best size to go for is really down to each individual. Some people like the bench to push right underneath a dining table when not in use so as to save space whereas others are happy for it to extend the complete length of the table to help maximise seating space – obviously in this instance the table legs prevent the bench pushing right under.

Oak Dining table and bench set

bench pushing in between table legs.

Minsk table and Baltic bench

Bench spanning length of table

A great way of utilising the whole length of the table without taking up too much space is to combine benches with cross leg tables as such legs allow benches to push under the table around the outside of the X legs – see image below:

Cross leg table and 2 benches

There are a few different bench designs available to you and the final choice being a matter of personal taste as well as  needing to be a good match for your existing furniture and decor. Some benches are available in both solid top and corner leg design, the solid oak Baltic bench is a great example of this with the corner leg design providing a little extra feature:

Corner leg dining bench

Baltic corner leg bench

Country Oak solid top dining bench

Solid top bench

Oak benches are also now available with cross leg design a great way of tying benches in with  cross leg tables, these are not only relatively in-expensive but also look fantastic as is illustrated in the image below.

Cross leg table and bench dining set

Consider benches with leather padded tops, these can be very comfortable if sitting for reasonably long periods and the colors can really help set off a room as well as compliment existing features.

Leather padded dining bench

The 1.6m Country oak bench shown above is now available from Top furniture with dark brown, claret red and cream pads.

Finally why not use a bench stool that can be used at the end of tables when required. The Country oak 80cm bench pictured below is a great example of this and sits snugly at the end of tables to provide great additional seating.

Cross leg dining bench 80cm.


Space saving oak dining furniture

Space saving oak dining furniture

With our ever growing population and more and more people living in apartments and flats space is a major consideration for many people when buying furniture for their property. Dining furniture can be particularly space hungry, at Top Furniture we understand this which is why we have several items available that on a day to day basis won’t take up too much of your valuable space yet as required will allow you to comfortably accommodate guests and family members.

Firstly be aware that oak dining tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – sometimes for instance a round table (fig 1) will sit comfortably where square or rectangular ones would simply be obstructive. Round tables can sometimes be extended from the centre meaning they can be kept small and compact for the majority of the time yet extended when the need arises (see fig 2)  Think about people needing to walk around the table at meal-times and don’t forget to take into account the space taken by the seating around the table.

Round oak dining table

fig 1 – our smallest round table with a diameter of just 90cm.

Round extending table

Round extending oak  tables

fig 2 – the 95cm diameter round extending table which can be extended twice to 135cm in length and then again to 175cm.

Check out our solid oak Minsk range of tables which includes some of the smallest tables currently on offer, the smallest of the range being the 80cm x 60cm rectangular table as shown below – a really popular table that is relatively lightweight so can be manoeuvred as required.

Small solid oak table

Also the 80cm x 80cm square table has always been one of our best selling tables, this particular table comes with the option of extending from either one or both ends. These extensions are 40cm in length so can extend the original fixed table to 120cm and 160cm accordingly as shown in the below images. Such extensions are simply pulled out and stored elsewhere when not in use.

Extending small oak table

(Minsk table with 1 extension)

Minsk table with 2 extensions

(Minsk table with 2 extensions)

Flip top dining tables

Over the past 12 months our range of Flip-top tables has gradually grown in popularity to become one of our best and most innovative designs to date. Basically the table-top folds out to twice its original size providing far more dining / working space when needed. The video in the below link shows exactly how such tables operate:

Flip top oak table

A particular favourite in this range is the 140cm x 45cm long console table as shown below which can then be flipped to 140cm x 90cm – an ample size for 4 people to dine comfortably.

Flip top narrow console table


Narrow extending oak table


Flip–top tables are available in the 4 sizes shown in the below table:


Original table size

Fully extended size

100cm x 50cm









Effective seating

A final thing to consider is the type of seating you are going to use around your table, many people no longer use chairs but instead take the option of benches or stools – these not only save space by pushing right under the table when not in use but are also very practical and can be used in other rooms around the home for a variety of functions.

Oak table and bench set

Certain breakfast tables with stools are also very practical as are great for entertaining and dining while providing great working space for lap-tops / tablets etc. The images below show a couple of breakfast table examples with stools that will push under the table when not in use.

Oak breakfast table

Tutbury oak breakfast table set


Buying wooden bar stools

Over the last few years wooden bar stools have become very popular throughout the U.K. Not only are they very hard-wearing and practical for modern day busy house-holds but can also help provide either a contemporary or traditional look to any dining room or kitchen area.

The first consideration when buying bar stools is what type of wood you are looking for, in many cases they will need to match existing kitchen units or work-tops of which there are many variations. At Top furniture we offer stools in Oak, Walnut and Acacia (see below) although there are many more alternatives on the market.

Wooden bar stools

By far the most popular of these stools is the oak version which is the range we mainly focus on at Top Furniture. Oak is a particular favourite as it provides a solid, sturdy item that can be manufactured to suit so many environments, see the 2 images below for instance which show a very traditional Country oak stool (fig 1) ideal for barn conversions and dated properties along with the very modern “Wave” bar stool (fig 2) designed to provide a real contemporary edge.

Country Oak stool

(fig 1)

Wave oak bar stool

(fig 2)

There are obviously many designs of bar stool on the market and one of the first things to decide when purchasing is whether you want the stool to have a back rest or not. Back rests provide good back support and extra comfort so if you are likely to be sitting on them for any length of time these are certainly recommended. Be aware that the back rests stand quite high so if you are after a stool that will push completely under an existing worktop or breakfast bar this may not be the right choice. For this reason many stools are now produced without backrest which means that when not in use they can be completely hidden so as not to take up vital space.

Red leather billy bar stool

Image shows the Billy bar stool with back-rest available from Top Furniture.

Lombok oak stool

The Lombok bar stool from Top Furniture with no back rest.

Most bar stools are purchased to complement existing dining tables, chairs or kitchen accessories which is why there are many variations of seat pad colours available. In the majority of cases such seat pads are simply screwed onto the frame so if you do decide to change your theme in a given room these pads can simply be removed and re-covered to match their new surroundings. The Java solid oak stool for instance is now available in 7 different seat pad colours as shown below:

Java tall oak kitchen stool

It is very important that the actual seat height is checked in comparison to the breakfast table or worktop with which they are to be used as these can vary considerably between different manufacturers. Check that the seat is at an acceptable height for you to eat and drink etc.  As a rough guide a difference of around 10-12 inches between the height of seat pad and surface top is considered to be the norm and a comfortable working height.

Finally check out the Tutbury console set complete with 2 breakfast stools, this represents a great little set where the stools sit neatly on a tray on the underside of the unit when not in use. Perfect for the kids or a quick meal on the go without taking up too much space:

Oak breakfast table set