New range of table and bench dining sets recently launched

If you are one of the many families across the UK about to start looking for a replacement table and chair set for your dining room or kitchen in time for Christmas then you will no doubt soon find out what a huge choice there is out there either online or in traditional furniture shops.  Most people will have a search online and see what takes their fancy depending on the wood colour and size that they are looking for.  The majority of people will end up buying a table with a set of chairs without even thinking of some great alternatives involving benches instead of chairs.


Here at Top Furniture we have been selling wooden benches made out of oak for several years now and its clear that there is a good demand for quality designs that are priced sensibly.  Over the past few months we started to refresh some of the photographs of our dining furniture and took the decision to take some shots of some oak tables combined with a pair of benches sat across both sides of the table.   The first few designs are now live on our website for all to see at and so far the customer response from just this initial limited choice has been very positive.

One of the huge selling points that makes these dining sets so appealing is that they are usually far cheaper than a table and chair set combination because a bench can often seat 3 or 4 people across it and the cost of each bench is often around half of the cost of buying 4 wooden chairs of comparable quality.

These bench sets are also very practical as they can easily be wiped down and are very strong and sturdy with very minimal maintenance being required.

The lower height of indoor benches also means that you can see a lot more of the dining table without having tall chairs blocking what is often a great looking dining room or kitchen table.  Some of these new bench sets that we have launched look great with so much of the real solid wood being on display.

Do you have children?  Kids love wooden benches as they are usually lower and easier for them to get onto and most families will know how hard it is to get a child to sit still in a chair at the dining room table for any length of time!  If you get a set of benches with your table you will usually find they are more than happy to be sat down at meal times.

So if your considering an upgrade for a tired out set of tables and chairs then it might be worth considering some of the bench options as you might be pleasantly surprised at how much sense they make for serious consideration.

Written by Dave Edwards